The consultation will be the first time we are able to meet to discuss your smile.

At our clinic you will find a beautiful and calm environment, not similar to many dental practices that you may have visited.

The main purpose of this initial visit is for you to meet me and find out how I can serve you. For this reason we have a designated consultation area in each surgery to allow us to have an informal conversation before you even need to sit in the dental chair. This gives us an opportunity to discuss any concerns or problems you may have or anything that you may wish to improve or change about your smile.

I will then be able to carry out a comprehensive assessment of your mouth, smile, teeth and bite.

Photographs are often taken. These are used to help our discussions and to allow us to sit and analyse your smile together. If they are needed X-rays may be taken at this visit.

With the information collected I will then be able to discuss all of your options, including the investments, risks and benefits of each one.


Investment: £35

How to Arrange a Consultation

There are several ways that you can arrange a consultation:

  1. Call our Newcastle (0191 260 3688) or Durham (0191 375 0191) clinic. Ask for a consultation with Dr. Bretton
  2. Complete the ‘Contact’ form through this website
  3. Direct message me on Instagram or Facebook